App Store review process is still a mystery. Both Cashculator versions (Paid and Freemium) went Submission -> Ready in under 1 hour. Amazing! The new version of Trickster is 3rd day “In Review”.

There’s a rule, don’t play “Stairway to Heaven” in the guitar store. That is, unless you play it like Stanley Jordan, below:

Current fiction 📚 I’m reading is “Artemis” by Andy Weir. In the last several years I rarely read fiction books but I really liked “The Martian”, so got this one from the city library (in digital).

I’m working from my co-working space today. It’s the busiest I’ve ever seen it. Pretty nice for a change, vs working from the basement at home.

Yesterday was finally a good warm day (-2ºC) and it was a weekend, so we took kids out to the river to skate, and then to the Ice Castle. Time well-spent.

For a new musical piece I wrote, a bass player asked chords. I looked again for software to prepare something like lead sheets. Guitar Pro is good for tabs but I couldn’t find a way to use jazz-style chords. Then found an amazing open-source app: MuseScore:

Got myself a Seinheiser E609 mic to record guitar amp. Today recorded (again) the heavy part for an upcoming song. Recorded both the mic and the direct speaker-simulated from amp. Then mixed in Logic. I liked the result better than what I got from Guitar Rig before. 🤘