My dog chewed my TWSBI Eco pen! Luckily he spared the other two, although did grab them off the table. Now he is purple around the mouth. 🐕😡

My opinion on difficulty of playing of some musical instruments:
🎸 – two hand synchronization. Doable.
🎹 – two hand separation. Hard.
🥁 – all limbs separations. Very hard.
🎤 while 🥁: are you kidding me? 🎵

As I’m walking around in Las Vegas I’m surprised at how many random people wear an Apple Watch. It’s certainly not limited to young Apple aficionados.

Asked Siri in the car to “play something by The Beatles” and it actually played the song “Something”. My daughter in the back “Oh, that’s a song name! I thought you just wanted it to play something by The Beatles”

Glad to see Twitter helping grow. Sad to see Twitter’s direction with regards to 3rd party clients.