This Halloween we split: daughter (10yo) and I went around the neighbourhood. My wife and son (14) stayed home to treat visitors. All was good.

I’m trying to outsource my programming job to this lovely fellow. But he just barks at my code. Maybe he’s programming in Dog++.

A couple more shots of me from the concert on the 20th. Big thanks to @rave_photo for capturing these.

Last night was my first time on a concert stage in 20 years, with our new band, BlizzArt. It was a special experience to perform great music with friends, seeing family and friends in the audience and people dancing before the stage. And unlike playing at home or at a rehearsal, I could feel we were playing for them, so that they enjoy the evening. Here’s to many future experience such as this.

It’s going to be an exciting day tomorrow. Concert day. I haven’t performed on stage with a band for about 20 years. Hopefully it all goes well and I do it more often from now on.

Fantastic performance today by the Queen Extravaganza. Fantastic singers and musicians. Lots of fun when you know and love all the songs.

Replaced strings and straightened the neck on my Suhr today, lowering the action on G and D too, and wow, now the .10 strings feel soft like 0.9.

Bought a stand for my amp. Should sound better instead of the sound going into the feet. Maybe I’ll tilt it even more. This will also help at the concert next week, to get sound to my ear on the stage.