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Tried myself at a quick recording of a cover song today. Acoustic guitar, voice and solo on electric. Video recorded on iPhone. Audio into Logic. Mixed. All in about 1.5 hours. And first for me, I’m editing video in Final Cut X. Turns out pretty good. Will release when done.

  1. @ronguest Thank you. Got an advice from a friend to re-record voice. Doing things fast yesterday didn’t give me chance for enough takes and I’m a so-so singer to begin with. So I’ll try recording voice again when time allows.

    Have you seen some of my previous videos?

  2. @jacob No, I have not had the opportunity for that. I saw your post and was quite interested in how well that workflow turned out for you.

  3. @ronguest It worked quite well so far. I had experience with Logic from before, recording music. I’m not an expert by any mean but I get by for my needs. Recording video on iPhone is not ideal because I can’t see what it records if I want to record with the good camera on the back. I don’t have a solution for this yet except taking care to position the phone so that it will cover where I should be located during the shoot. I downloaded Final Cut Pro X Trial from Apple’s site and watched some tutorials on the basics. It took less than 40 minutes watching tutorials to learn enough to start. It is quite intuitive, surprisingly, and learning these basics and keyboard shortcuts took me quite far. I do have some understanding of video editing from before but I never used FCPX. Previously all my videos were usually one video stream and I’d just replace audio in Logic, or I used iMovie for more effects. Some examples: Horizons by Genesis cover and App Oddity.

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