1. @ronguest 🤣

    Docker containers are like potato chips: no one can eat just one.

    And they’re not particular good for you, either 😬

  2. @jacob We should compare notes. I just set up my first Synology yesterday. Still poking around the forums etc while importing all of my Google Photos into Moments. That’s it so far!

  3. @jack which model did you get? I’m planning on getting the expansion module for mine and considering getting second one as backup that’s gona sit at my mom’s place.

  4. @ronguest Thank you. I skimmed it a bit and will read deeper soon. Make me wonder if I should’ve gone with a larger one 🙂

  5. @jack Yeah, I have photos on iCloud, a copy of those in Google Photos when I remember to launch the app, and I have many photos through Lightroom on disk, many if RAW format. The Lightroom <-> iCloud syncing or sharing is always the hard part. I wonder if this NAS can help. At least, perhaps it’ll allow me to see my Lightroom photos from the phone, instead of having to pay for Adobe cloud storage, which I don’t want to have to do.

  6. @oyam The 4-bay DS918+. There are too many to choose from. I just guessed, erring in the side of performance over cost since I’d like to use it for 5 years plus.

  7. @jack That’s a nice choice. I have the 916+, went for performance like you, and couldn’t be happier.

    The VM and Docker capability is a big bonus for me. I don’t really host stuff on it, but will make it run the odd processing job. Have you installed Roon on it yet? 😉

  8. @oyam I haven’t decided about hosting things on it yet. I’m sure I’ll experiment with the idea though. No, I haven’t installed Roon on it. Happy with the NUC for that, but I may use the Synology for additional music storage, though.

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