Current fiction 📚 I’m reading is “Artemis” by Andy Weir. In the last several years I rarely read fiction books but I really liked “The Martian”, so got this one from the city library (in digital).

I’m working from my co-working space today. It’s the busiest I’ve ever seen it. Pretty nice for a change, vs working from the basement at home.

Yesterday was finally a good warm day (-2ºC) and it was a weekend, so we took kids out to the river to skate, and then to the Ice Castle. Time well-spent.

For a new musical piece I wrote, a bass player asked chords. I looked again for software to prepare something like lead sheets. Guitar Pro is good for tabs but I couldn’t find a way to use jazz-style chords. Then found an amazing open-source app: MuseScore:

Got myself a Seinheiser E609 mic to record guitar amp. Today recorded (again) the heavy part for an upcoming song. Recorded both the mic and the direct speaker-simulated from amp. Then mixed in Logic. I liked the result better than what I got from Guitar Rig before. 🤘

Today’s news (rumour) of Apple planning to bring iOS apps to the Mac and combining Mac development under iOS SDK causes me to hesitate about my current two Mac apps in development. Doesn’t sound good for business to continue developing Mac apps. Switch to Web apps, maybe?

Mac App Store is so horrible for customer support. A customer complains that she bought the app years ago but now it won’t restore purchases. The app is free + IAPs so some think they bought it while used for free. I have no way to verify their transactions to see if they bought.