Can I just be fit instead?

Sometimes Apple Music can be useful.

My son noticed that Sparky was sitting in a cute way when he (son) held the toy, and asked me to quickly grab some photos.

Nothing’s like 20cm of fresh snow on the driveway to jump start my day with exercise.

Greg Howe Jammin’ on Sunny.
So ridiculously good, it hurts. 🎵

10 points to Gryffindor if you find a way to play videos using the keyboard in Apple’s Photos app on the Mac. I think it requires a wizard to find. I can’t. #Mac #photos

Just read this quote in an answer on Quora: “Never mock someone for mispronouncing a word, it means they read it in a book.”
There was no source, though.

Duh! I was using version 2.6 of Trickster even though I released version 2.7 a couple of weeks ago. Something about a barefoot shoemaker comes to mind.

Working from Starbucks for a couple of hours, watching the white outside, waiting for my son to have his braces installed. 😬Getting deeper into teen territory now.