Today’s news (rumour) of Apple planning to bring iOS apps to the Mac and combining Mac development under iOS SDK causes me to hesitate about my current two Mac apps in development. Doesn’t sound good for business to continue developing Mac apps. Switch to Web apps, maybe?

Mac App Store is so horrible for customer support. A customer complains that she bought the app years ago but now it won’t restore purchases. The app is free + IAPs so some think they bought it while used for free. I have no way to verify their transactions to see if they bought.

Today I learned you can restore deleted files from iCloud Drive

Thanks to for writing (a guide about restoring files from iCloud Drive)[] because I wrote a blog post in iA Writer on Mac (using iCloud as storage), then moved to MarsEdit, but because of some problem with publishing (Markdown not converting to HTML), I deleted it from WordPress itself (including from trash) because I wanted MarsEdit to republish it. I also deleted it from iA Writer because I continued editing in MarsEdit and didn’t need two copies of the text.

Then after refresh in MarsEdit my post disappeared from MarsEdit and I was left with no copied. Time Machine also didn’t have time to back up any copies.

Luckily, a simple Google search led to Dan Moren’s article on Six Colors revealed that it is actually possible to restore deleted files. Phew.

The people who can unlock your iPhone X with their face will be henceforth known as your “X Twins”, short for “Face ID Twins”. Emoji: ♊️📲