As I’m walking around in Las Vegas I’m surprised at how many random people wear an Apple Watch. It’s certainly not limited to young Apple aficionados.

Asked Siri in the car to “play something by The Beatles” and it actually played the song “Something”. My daughter in the back “Oh, that’s a song name! I thought you just wanted it to play something by The Beatles”

Glad to see Twitter helping grow. Sad to see Twitter’s direction with regards to 3rd party clients.

Participating in #JustPlay

I decided to make the effort to participate in the #JustPlay challenge – a 30-day challenge started by Samuel Goodwin to post music that one plays on Instagram without much retakes: “The point of this is to get over mental barriers to recording.” I started on day 5 but hopefully will be able to proceed with this. Will not be easy.

My first entry is me trying to play and sing “Girl from Ipanema”. Instagram limits videos to 1 minute, so it’s not the whole song.

Can I just be fit instead?

Sometimes Apple Music can be useful.

My son noticed that Sparky was sitting in a cute way when he (son) held the toy, and asked me to quickly grab some photos.

Nothing’s like 20cm of fresh snow on the driveway to jump start my day with exercise.

Greg Howe Jammin’ on Sunny.
So ridiculously good, it hurts. 🎵