I love the concept of “read it later” services. Whenever I hit something that is too long to read at that moment I send it to Instapaper. Later, when I actually have time to read, I launch Instapaper app and see the list of the articles that I queued for reading.

In my previous article, “Thinking time”, I described how I love to schedule dedicated time for thinking about my business. Sometimes, though, the time comes and I’m not sure what’s on my agenda.

So lately I’ve come up with a concept of “Think it later” notes. The idea is so simple that it’s embarrassing. During the week, whenever I get a thought that requires time or depth of thought, I add it to “Think it later” list. These notes are then my “thinks to do” during the “Thinking time”.

Technically, you can use anything for your “Think it later” notes. It can be your favorite note-taking application on your phone, plain pen and paper, or you can use your favorite to-do application. If you use a system based on GTD you can create a special context called “Thinking” and use it for this purpose.

Even if you don’t set a dedicated time for thinking you can refer to this list whenever there’s some time that you can use for this purpose.

If you like this idea but not sure how to implement it, just write it down and think about it later.