Apparently, my dog has cheeks. And when you pull them apart, it looks like he has a mutton-chops-style beard. #labradoodle

First day in Montreal began with a private tour. We started by driving through one of the most prestigious neighborhoods on the mountain, stopping at a lookout point there, then a visit to the magnificent St. Joseph Oratory, which also overlooks the city. More magnificent churches would follow later in the vacation.

Current #guitar #pedalboard situation. Latest change: DigiTech Bad Monkey (Tube Screamer-type pedal) out. @wamplerpedals Tumnus Deluxe is in. I just received it yesterday and it can sound similar to the Bad Monkey but also a lot more than that. Great sounds come out out of it, from clean or EQ’d boosts to lush overdrives.

The fun part of Parc Omega visit was feeding deer or caribou with carrots. Bring a lot. But there are other interesting wild animals in the park. It also has a farm area which has cute friendly goats.

The first hotel we stayed in was Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello. It has style, history and activities such as rentals of bikes, canoes and more. Time well-spent.
It’s also close to Parc Omega, with the munching fella from yesterday.

On the bright side: kids are back to school!