• The launch of our Jira app is now live on ProductHunt: Check out the launch of Next Decision for Jira: Backlog Prioritization making only “this or that” decisions www.producthunt.com/posts/nex…

  • I’m excited to share a project I’m involved with, launching tomorrow on ProductHunt. It’s a Jira app to improve the issue prioritization process, especially in a team session. Sounds intriguing? Get notified of the launch: www.producthunt.com/products/…

  • Gotta check out this new web browser. I heard it’s gonna rule.

    A floppy of Netscape Navigator version 1.1

  • I’m finally close to generating my twisted vision of a “rubber duck programming” picture. DALL·E 3 is getting close to allowing this as I intended compared to my previous attempts.

  • My wife was worried: she was looking for her birth certificate and couldn’t find it. I calmed her down by reassuring her that she was indeed born.

  • My daughter (looking sideways at me with some sly worry in her eyes ): Do you know what’s the limit of own tabs in Safari on iOS?

    Me: No

    D: 500 (continues looking at me with the suppressed nervous smile)

    Me: 🙄

    I don’t know how she manages to manage this. But then again, her room is a mess, too.

  • One of my favourite internet radio stations is PRM. The app used is Eter Radio. Works on all Apple devices, including CarPlay, as you can see.

  • Groomed Sparky was relaxing near me earlier today. He likes lying on soft rugs.

    a white dog lying on a rug

  • Steve Jobs basically predicting ChatGPT (and maybe a bit future tech) back in 1983. Source: book.stevejobsarchive.com

  • Used this Taylor on my folky song “Coy McCoy’s Devious Ploy”: song.link/i/1625535…

  • New🎵– a collab with another artist. It’s a chill-rock cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”. It’s not true to the original – we experimented with sound and arrangement. I play electric solo guitar, bass, “drums”, some back vocals. She did the rest. Listen at song.link/i/1675138…

  • I call this short piece Ebb and Flow and it’s obviously inspired by Classical music.

  • Something new that I discovered in macOS. Hovering over the green button will show a menu with full-screen options. Maybe I knew that.  BUT if you hold the Option key, the menu gives regular zoom options, including tiling 🤯. Option-Click on the green button will perform Zoom.

  • Sometimes App Store release notes have funny synchronicities. Like Twitter feeds used to have.

  • I wonder what would happen if I posted some of my funny short music videos, like the one below, on LinkedIn. In order to lighten up people’s scrolling through same-sounding posts from self-proclaimed “thought leaders” www.youtube.com/shorts/7R…

  • 🎵 Chorus and 🎸solo play-through for my latest song, The Perfect Band. Hear the whole song at: distrokid.com/hyperfoll…

  • If you have a cat and dog — a cat thinks that’s it’s a god. And it thinks the dog is opposite — a dog.

  • The snow accumulated on the back of the chair with a perfect design. Rounded corners, great height. Almost makes me wanna sit in it.

  • 🎵 🎸 🐕 A short song from your pet - “A Proud Chow Chow”

  • Plans for Apparent Software for when Apple allows sideloading of apps.

  • Sadly, JetBrains is sunsetting AppCode. I’ve used this IDE on and off for many years. It’s got so much stuff that put it way beyond Xcode. At the same time, it was also lagging in some respect, and Apple’s speed of change with its tooling was probably hard to keep up with.

  • Misread “Return to In-Person Work” in an article title as “Return to In-Prison Work”.

  • 🤖 In the future, we’ll all just want to live our lives as pets of AI robots, who will take care of us and love us unconditionally.

  • The view this evening. I barely know the basics of hockey rules. But my daughter sings the Canadian anthem before the game (with her school choir) and we’re staying to watch the game.

  • Unexpectedly, I came up with some nice jazz lines yesterday. 🎵🎸

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