• The new album by Nick Johnston, Young Language (https://music.apple.com/ca/album/young-language/1592762978) is interesting, good writing. Nick is one of the more interesting guitarists in the last years, in my opinion. Melodic, interesting harmonies.

  • I wrote a part for a new track. It’s quite unusual, I think. It’s planned to be an interlude or a part of it.

  • On Friday night, over a pint of cider, I was discussing the shortage of chips in the last year, which delays the production of cars and other electronics.

    Then it dawned on me: it’s because all the chips are in the vaccines. Thank you, cider, for this deep insight. 🍺

  • It looks that an album of a rather amateur quality by a “Dave Gilmour” is wrongly attributed to David Gilmour of Pink Floyd on Apple Music. Great job, Apple Music. Great job, Dave, whoever you are. What a fail.

  • Ooh. My Musicians on Micro.blog site appeared on @TIL. What a nice surprise. All musicians are welcome. I hope it brings another uptake to it. til.micro.blog/2021/11/1…

  • Sparky is a mummy this Halloween. Frames and stickers added in Socialite

  • Mesa Boogies but Meta doesn’t

  • Hello, Relocated Items, my old friend. #macOS

  • I was hoping macOS Big Sur 11.6.1 update would bring proper Safari tabs back, like Apple did in Monterey 12.0.1 but, alas, it didn’t happen.

  • Are you sure, Apple Translate? Magzine?

  • I should soon receive a remix of one of my favourite albums, “Unfolded like Staircase” by Discipline (it’s Prog Rock). I’ve backed the Kickstarter and should received a signed CD. One little problem: I don’t have a CD player. I now see a second-hand CD player in my future.

  • William Shatner going to space feels like a Galaxy Quest moment. www.youtube.com/watch

  • I heard Facebook was having connectivity problems today. Here’s a parody cover song I recorded a while ago, called “Imagine… there’s no Facebook”. youtu.be/WhoVyW3nM…

  • It’s bright and sunny outside. But the coffee, the coffee is dark.

  • 🐕 Sparky: do I see an 🍎 there?

  • 🎵Recorded a cover of the 🎸 solo for Ghosts, by the Canadian band Big Wreck. Had to learn all the parts, including bass and drums because there were no good backing tracks. The kind of song that I liked from the first listen on the radio. youtu.be/QhcVi13gY…

  • The new “text from image” in iOS 15 is so handy. Here, translating a comment on YouTube.

  • Watched the first episode of Foundation with kids. We all loved it. I’ve never read the books, for some reason, so it’s gonna be interesting to watch.

  • — Here’s an article on how to do X. Please share and subscribe to my RSS feed! — What’s RSS? — OK, here’s a long video on how to do X, please like and subscribe.

  • GUI framework priorities for Mac developer these days (according to Apple and the market):

    1. SwiftUI
    2. Catalyst
    3. Electron
    4. AppKit
    5. Carbon

    The best one is at #4.

  • Watching the Fitness+ segment during Apple Event, while sitting on the couch and drinking beer with peanuts. Apple Events time is the best.

  • It just came out and I’m sure it’s a great video: What Makes This Song Great? Bohemian Rhapsody. www.youtube.com/watch

  • Sparky, sunbathing after grooming. Stickers and frames added in Socialite - socialiteapp.com

  • The most useless notification on LinkedIn. Apple was mentioned in the news? OMG, what a surprise.

  • 🎵 I’ve recorded a rock cover of a famous soviet-era cartoon theme, Nu Pogodi, followed by some 🎸 shredding. Also, it’s my 🥁 debut. I’ve got Roland eDrums for the New Year and been self-learning drumming since. It’s fun. www.youtube.com/watch

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