• And a dream came true. Seeing King Crimson live. One of the bands that opened new musical perspectives for me back in the late 90ies. 🎵

  • No photos during the show, the sign says. King Crimson is very strict about this. Even the washrooms had this sign on their entrance.

  • View on the way to the venue

  • Followed some people in King Crimson T-shirts all the way from the Go train station in the opposite direction of the venue (it’s early). Now sipping beer in a bar in which many people wear these. I don’t know anyone but it’s quite a geeky moment.

  • Arriving in Toronto for King Crimson concert tonight. My first time ever traveling so far for a concert but to me they deserve it. 🎵

  • 🎵 New music! It’s an original track with my soul mate from across the ocean in rock/metal style. The video is at youtu.be/MZs7TeWss… The track is also available on Bandcamp and on streaming services/stores at distrokid.com/hyperfoll…

  • New 🎸 Video Alert: The Spirit Carries On by Dream Theater solo cover. I improvised over the chorus run after the main solo, going into the outro. This is a live one-take recording, so it’s not perfect but I’m happy with the result. 🎵

    Here it is on YouTube.

  • Tonight I recorded a video covering the solo of Dream Theater’s “The Spirit Carries On” with some improv on the last chorus run. It’s such a perfect song, really. Will upload the video to YouTube later.

  • Well, that’s s first for me: submitted a song single. Written by me and my friend Michael Starr, it took us quite a while to write it. Should be up, hopefully, by Sep 10th. Exciting, even though I don’t expect anything serious to happen because of the release. 🎵

  • I’ve got enough new music added today to my music library to keep me busy for quite a while. At least 3 of these were released just today. 🎵

  • Releasing a song is not unlike releasing an app today. You upload the binary (music), add metadata, add a screenshot (cover image) and submit for review. For promotion it’s also good to create a video. 🎵

  • I remember how hard it was to find a name for my software company. Now doing the same for a band / music project name. Not much easier despite, or perhaps because of, the seeming freedom of possible band names.

  • Finally working on the video for the song “Dark Sun” which my friend and I finished a year ago and I still only have it on SoundCloud. Videos are almost essential these days for promoting music.

  • Today’s first time achievements: ☑️ changed strings on a bass guitar ☑️ cut my thumb changing strings on a bass guitar 🎸

  • Tonight I watched the first Matrix movie with my son. He loved it. I loved it again. It’s been so many years since I’ve seen it last and it didn’t get old. 🎬

  • My first time coming to a football game. It’s loud in here. 🏈 Made with Socialite

  • 10 years ago I left my well-paid job in a chip-design company to try making it as a full-time indie Mac developer. Surprisingly, I’m still at it. Even if financially it wasn’t the optimal decision, in other aspects I’m so happy I did it. Now, what will I do in the next 10 years?

  • Going to travel on a train 🚊 for 2.5 days. Haven’t done any overnight trains since I was 11.

  • Used Socialite to reimagine this glittering girl apparel brand as an alternative cover for a Metallica album.

  • Found this Mac in Microsoft visitor center. Cool.

  • Visited Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture today. For the guitarist in me it was a really fun place to be in. So many relics on display. 🎸

  • These trees seem to grow from a hanging root of another tree that grows on top that “Hole in the wall”. That’s the actual name of the place. Near Port Alberni in British Columbia.


  • We’re on a family vacation, currently on Vancouver Island. One of the things we visited today was an international sand sculpture competition in Parksville. We were there just as the winners were announced. This one won first place in doubles.

  • Still working on that solo from Dream Theater’s “The Spirit carries on”. Here’s a new video. Each time though I do stupid mistakes like missing the string.

  • Somebody got a hold of an old iBook and asked if they can download a version of our app Cashculator for Mac OS 10.3.9. I’m flattered but I believe 10.5 was the oldest version it supported. In fact Cashculator will soon be 10 years old.

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