• 🎵 The video for my latest song, Oh Dear World, is scheduled to premiere tomorrow morning at youtu.be/keBe0nR-J… Subscribe and hit the “Set Reminder” button to be notified about this tomorrow. The story of the song, the lyrics, and the credits are in the description.

  • Today, in the App Store: “Our Top 10 Strategy Games”. All 10 are “pay to win” kind of games with game currency. That’s not what strategy games are supposed to be. They are supposed to be equal opportunity to all so that the best strategist wins. Shame.

  • TIL there’s Ontario, CA. No, it’s not the Ontario province in Canada. It’s a place in California. This can get confusing.

  • Watching the Apple iPhone event. #adayinthelife

  • Never too late to learn another classic solo and try achieving a new (for me) sound. GnR - November Rain

  • There appears to be a change in macOS Big Sur betas related to the quarantine flags on files, and it affected my app Trickster. So I google “Big Sur Quarantine” and, of course, it was all related to COVID-19 quarantine in Big Sur region of California. Silly me.

  • 🎵 Today is Bandcamp day. If you’re know what Bandcamp is, check out my music at jacobgorban.bandcamp.com and at sixthousandmiles.bandcamp.com. Mostly Rock with Progressive Metal elements, and a guitar cover of Axel F. 🎸

  • My new single, Oh Dear World, is out. Go on an emotional and introspective journey with this melancholic progressive rock/metal song featuring my friend Joby on the vocals. I’m really proud of this one. Use Bandcamp link to listen if you have no streaming services access.

  • New lyrics - "Spares"

    Working on lyrics for a new song. I don’t have music yet. Usually, for me, it’s the other way around - it starts with music. But this time I had an interesting idea for lyrics and I’m close to finishing, after several writing sessions. Came up with interesting rhyming rhythm for them, too, so it’s going to dictate some of the melody. Current title - “Spares”.

  • Writing and recording the guitar and bass parts on this section was tricky. But not as tricky as some other. Excited about this new song I’m working on. 🎵🎸

  • A spider with his catch. I took this photo from the house window. Creepy.

  • TZ repost: I’ve published a performance video of my song “Seven Years and Seven Months”, which is light rock track, dedicated to my daughter. This is in additional to the lyrics video that’s already on YouTube youtu.be/wLUjI-O5T…

  • I’ve published a performance video of my song “Seven Years and Seven Months”, which is dedicated to my daughter. This is in additional to the lyrics video that’s already on YouTube youtu.be/wLUjI-O5T…

  • I took a look at the top songs chart on Spotify. It was depressing. And no, not because it was full of Blues songs.

  • Hello, powerful.

  • 🎸 How come Fender never released a guitar called Bender?

  • Please consider supporting the “Dev Community Supports Black Girls Code” initiative started by @ishabazz and Kevin (@BFormations). There are many ways to help. ishabazz.dev/blog/2020…

  • Today we went on a hike and it included real sand dunes, which I didn’t even know existed in our province. Some of the dune face climbs, up and down, were pretty steep. #mbaug

  • OH: Kid 1: what’s Prime Video? Kid 2: it’s Amazon’s Netflix.

  • My friend, with whom I wrote Dark Sun, went to the studio today to record drums for my new song, which is otherwise almost done. For me, it’s at the next level of songwriting and production, so can’t wait to share it. And I’ve found a good singer for it, too. So grateful. 🎵

  • A friend brought my attention to the solo of Dream Theater’s song “Breaking all illusions”. This is first, easier part. I didn’t study further yet. Beautiful melody.

  • 🎵Listening to the new album by Kansas, which was released last night. Very progressive yet melodic, great violin 🎻parts. music.apple.com/ca/album/…

  • Sometimes the prairie skies are just magnificent. These evening colours are the best.

  • Fixing incorrect Creation and Modification dates of PDFs downloaded in Big Sur beta

    I’ve found a bug (filed as FB7987637) in Safari in Bug Sur betas (1 and 2), which manifests itself when saving PDF files from the built-in PDF viewer using the button on the floating button at the bottom of the PDF view.

    Images saved by right-clicking on them and selecting Save Image to “Downloads” exhibit the same problem, as I found out later.

    Button in Safari PDF Viewer


    What happens is that the saved file has a modification and creation dates (as seen in Finder) to Jan 1, 1970 UTC (displayed in your time zone) instead of the expected ones.

    I didn’t find a way to change the creation time from the command line (the touch only appears to be able to change the modification time).

    I modified a Python script that I found online to do the work of setting the creation and modification time to the current time. I also wrote a quick Swift command-line tool to do the same, and it works on my Mac, but releasing command-line tools is not so simple and required too many hoops for this simple utility. The Swift code is below for those interested. You can download the Python script from dr.apparentsoft.com/HEQhQL. You may need to set the executable flag on it:

    chmod a+x touchCreationModification.py

    It can be used similarly to the regular touch command, by passing a file name as the first argument.

    As a user of Hazel, I created a quick rule for the Downloads folder which monitors for files with creation date before 1971 and invokes TouchCreationModification on these files. Hazel does not work well on Big Sur yet, though, so getting to the Edit Script stage was tricky (had to go through its “Run Apple Script” option first, to make the editor load.

    Hazel Script for TouchCreationModification

    Hopefully, all this will be unnecessary in the next beta. But in the meantime, programming for the win!

    Swift code (has better error management than the Python script):

    import Foundation

    let args = CommandLine.arguments
    guard args.count > 1 else {
    print(“Error: Pass a file name argument”)

    let filePath = args[1]let fm = FileManager.default
    guard fm.fileExists(atPath: filePath) else {
    print(“Error: File (filePath) doesn’t exist”)

    do {
    let now = Date()
    let dates: [FileAttributeKey: Date] = [.modificationDate: now, .creationDate: now]
    try fm.setAttributes(dates, ofItemAtPath: filePath)
    } catch {
    print(“Error setting attributes of (filePath)”)

  • Here we go. Apple Silicon inside.

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