• Pelicans down a small waterfall, waiting for fish.

  • I love learning about human languages, especially etymology – where words come from. So I found this article about the word “lox”, and how it helped find origins of Proto-Indo-European language, illuminating.

  • Today’s band rehearsal lasted for about 5 hours. One of the longer ones.

  • David Gilmour has just released the whole Live at Pompeii concert from 2016 on YouTube: www.youtube.com/playlist Thank you. 🎵

  • Not my best singing (and it’s impossible to top Greg Lake) but I still like this cover I did for ELP’s “From the Beginning” last August. I worked on that guitar solo quite a lot. www.youtube.com/watch

  • The cover of the CD that accompanies that latest Prog magazine issue fits precisely with photo on the magazine cover. Nice touch.

  • I tried a Music Man Luke III guitar in the store and I must say it has the most comfortable neck for me of all the ones I’ve tried in the store for a while. Sounds good as well. It’s dangerous.

  • One of the latest finds of great music for me on YouTube are The Main Squeeze. Here’s their cover of Pink Floyd’s Have a Cigar but they have more covers of various styles and funky original content. A fantastic band on all fronts.

  • Every guitarist should know how to play the solo from Bohemian Rhapsody, right? So here’s my report.

  • Yesterday we watched Back to the Future with the kids. I can’t remember when I last saw this movie. It was a lot of fun and kids enjoyed it immensely as well. After watching it, I had some time travel paradoxes discussions with my son (15yo).

  • Here’s something I learned by posting a cover of the guitar solo for Pink Floyd’s Money and seeing this copyright claim:

    1. The copyright claim is by Roger Waters and not Pink Floyd
    2. Roger is actually his middle name. His first name is George, which I never knew. Shame on me.

  • Home is where guitars are. After fantastic several days in Montréal for NSNorth conference and letting my fingers rest, I’m still in shape.

    Here’s the first solo from Dream Theater’s track Erotomania. It’s still one of my favourites by them. May be loud.

  • The obligatory selfie from the Chalet lookout on Mont Royal. NSNorth was taking place somewhere down there. This photo uses some upcoming features of Socialite.

  • Made it to the summit of Mont Royal and the cross below it. Does it make me an alpine hiker now?

  • First lookout stop. Image edited with Socialite for iPhone.

  • On my way up to the Mont Royal lookout in… Montreal.

  • The lighting at the venue at NSNorth conference is top-notch.

  • On my way to Montreal for NSNorth conference. If you’re also gonna be there, say hi.

  • I can no longer figure out how to split screen on the iPad to make two apps run side by side. Where did Apple’s usability go?

  • Working from my coworking space today. Image prepared with our app Socialite

  • Do you like Electronic Music? Or guitars 🎸? Whichever you like, check out my guitar cover of “Axel F”, the electronic music hit from the 80ies. This is my largest music video project yet.

  • My guitar cover of “Axel F”

    Do you like Electronic Music 🎵? Or guitars 🎸? Whichever you like, check out my guitar cover of “Axel F”, the electronic music hit from the 80ies, the theme song from the “Beverly Hill Cop” movie. This is my largest music video project yet. youtu.be/vIaZ04eTh…

  • I must say the online store from which I’ve just bought something doesn’t instil 100% confidence with their Thank You page.

  • People seem to favor the golden snowflake photo from this morning the most. I actually like the one on the needle. Other photos are in the previous post. 📷

  • Huge Snowflakes this morning

    From clear skies, these huge snowflakes fell in Winnipeg this morning. Magical.

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