• 🎵 My latest song, Oh Dear World, will be aired tonight and tomorrow on Will Keenan’s show on @capemayradio 📻. Tune in online at 9pm EST at www.capemayradio.org. 🎸 Exciting. First time on terrerstrial radio.

  • Would Yesterday become a famous song, if Paul McCartney released it in his new album and not 50 years ago?

  • 🎵My new 🎸 cover (Dream Theater’s Erotomania), with a short introduction of what it means to me, is about to be premiered on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch

  • 🚨New music video coming up. After 20 years, I can finally play the guitar parts in Dream Theater’s Erotomania, not perfectly but good enough to leave it behind me. It’s probably the most technical piece I’ve mastered yet. The video premiers Monday at 11:30EST.

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  • This British YouTuber released a new song, recorded in his home, in which he played all the instruments and sang all the vocals. If only he had a band of musicians around him, he could go places and become successful. Be sure to check it out.

  • 🎵 The “Radio Edit” of my latest track, “Oh Dear World”, is now available everywhere. Melancholic rock meets progressive metal in the end. Links are here: distrokid.com/hyperfoll…

  • Sparky looked so cool with the Q-tip.

  • Hell yeah!

  • I’ve released a “radio edit” of my latest song, “Oh Dear World”. More than a shorter intro, I’ve tuned the vocals and remixed it for more clarity. Available now on Bandcamp and will be streaming in about 10 days. jacobgorban.bandcamp.com/track/oh-…

    Cover graphics for the song

  • Why did we call our dog Sparky and not… Barky?

  • A music track I won’t release, so take a listen

    I wrote and recorded this riff-based part a couple of months ago and thought of making it an instrumental track. But at the same time I’ve been writing a new song and eventually decided to use the riff from here for the new song. So I’m happy to post this recording, as it’s something that won’t get released after that. Now, time l to start producing this new song. I’m calling it “Spares”.

  • Is it some kind of an amazing SEO hack by Amazon? A lookup on a price (at least in Euros) presents an ad from Amazon. 🤯

  • We finished watching “The Queen Gambit”. Enjoyed it a lot. As a former chess player, in my elementary school years, there was a lot to remember, while watching it, about the world of chess, which was quite fun for me. Great acting and decor.

  • Is there a way to disable the prompt to update to macOS Big Sur in Catalina System Preferences? I have a Mac that I don’t plan on updating anytime soon? I tried the following without success: $ sudo softwareupdate –ignore “macOS Big Sur”

  • I don’t know what the original source is but this is spot on.

  • This morning’s coffee is in this fun Starr Phish mug.

  • My daughter: Our wind band class will not be in the new schedule because of COVID restrictions. Me: So the band is banned? Daughter:

  • Got some test stickers with our Starr Phish character. This one is a rocker, so my favorite. These and more designs are available on Red Bubble.

  • Is there a directory of podcasts hosted on micro.blog? @help

  • 🎵 Yay! My Axel F / Beverly Hills Cop theme guitar cover video has now reached 1000 views on YouTube. Only the third video to reach this (arbitrary) milestone. 🎸

  • Less than 15 minutes until the premiere of the video for my song “Oh Dear World”. I’m very proud of this one. It takes you on a trip and the lyrics fit this time well. www.youtube.com/watch

  • 🎵 The video for my latest song, Oh Dear World, is scheduled to premiere tomorrow morning at youtu.be/keBe0nR-J… Subscribe and hit the “Set Reminder” button to be notified about this tomorrow. The story of the song, the lyrics, and the credits are in the description.

  • Today, in the App Store: “Our Top 10 Strategy Games”. All 10 are “pay to win” kind of games with game currency. That’s not what strategy games are supposed to be. They are supposed to be equal opportunity to all so that the best strategist wins. Shame.

  • TIL there’s Ontario, CA. No, it’s not the Ontario province in Canada. It’s a place in California. This can get confusing.

  • Watching the Apple iPhone event. #adayinthelife

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