• I should soon receive a remix of one of my favourite albums, “Unfolded like Staircase” by Discipline (it’s Prog Rock). I’ve backed the Kickstarter and should received a signed CD. One little problem: I don’t have a CD player. I now see a second-hand CD player in my future.

  • William Shatner going to space feels like a Galaxy Quest moment. www.youtube.com/watch

  • I heard Facebook was having connectivity problems today. Here’s a parody cover song I recorded a while ago, called “Imagine… there’s no Facebook”. youtu.be/WhoVyW3nM…

  • It’s bright and sunny outside. But the coffee, the coffee is dark.

  • 🐕 Sparky: do I see an 🍎 there?

  • 🎵Recorded a cover of the 🎸 solo for Ghosts, by the Canadian band Big Wreck. Had to learn all the parts, including bass and drums because there were no good backing tracks. The kind of song that I liked from the first listen on the radio. youtu.be/QhcVi13gY…

  • The new “text from image” in iOS 15 is so handy. Here, translating a comment on YouTube.

  • Watched the first episode of Foundation with kids. We all loved it. I’ve never read the books, for some reason, so it’s gonna be interesting to watch.

  • — Here’s an article on how to do X. Please share and subscribe to my RSS feed! — What’s RSS? — OK, here’s a long video on how to do X, please like and subscribe.

  • GUI framework priorities for Mac developer these days (according to Apple and the market):

    1. SwiftUI
    2. Catalyst
    3. Electron
    4. AppKit
    5. Carbon

    The best one is at #4.

  • Watching the Fitness+ segment during Apple Event, while sitting on the couch and drinking beer with peanuts. Apple Events time is the best.

  • It just came out and I’m sure it’s a great video: What Makes This Song Great? Bohemian Rhapsody. www.youtube.com/watch

  • Sparky, sunbathing after grooming. Stickers and frames added in Socialite - socialiteapp.com

  • The most useless notification on LinkedIn. Apple was mentioned in the news? OMG, what a surprise.

  • 🎵 I’ve recorded a rock cover of a famous soviet-era cartoon theme, Nu Pogodi, followed by some 🎸 shredding. Also, it’s my 🥁 debut. I’ve got Roland eDrums for the New Year and been self-learning drumming since. It’s fun. www.youtube.com/watch

  • You know what totally disappeared from my social media and news feed? Crazy stories about NFTs being sold for stupid prices. Well, that was a short fad. Really sorry for all who wasted their money on a JSON file.

  • Hammock-Driven Coding. The weather is fantastic. The mosquitos are not here. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

  • Wish me luck. Modding a guitar pedal. I haven’t done such soldering in a long time.

  • With iCloud+, your iCloud data, like notes and files, go with you to the clouds, when you pass on, giving you access to them in the afterlife, as long as it’s paid for by your descendants or other people that you can select in the Preferences app. #WWDC

  • It’s WWDC day. As always, could be exciting or frustrating. I just hope it doesn’t add a lot of unnecessary work because of broken compatibilities or some new restrictions to apps. Also, no more graphical redesigns for several years, please. A new MacBook Pro would be good,

  • My daughter (13) wanted to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Somehow she heard about it and later I showed her some of their sketches and she liked them. Tonight we watched it. My wife and son soon left, not understanding the appeal. But the daughter loved it.

  • With the Pride Month coming in June, we’ve just released a new Messages app with 33 animated stickers.

    These are based on stickers in our iOS app Socialite but animations are nice in Messages. By the way, pride stickers in Socialite are a free download.

  • I now have my first music YouTube video to reach 10K views. Granted it took it 5.5 years to get there, and it’s my oldest one - the cover of Aqualung solo. It did pick up pace recently, for whatever reason. Maybe my change of thumbnail. Whatever, just a meaningless achievement.

  • People still live rock! #Eurovision

  • I’ve come a long way music-wise since this video but the lyrics on Swift language in this Karma Police parody cover are still valid: www.youtube.com/watch

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