• My parody cover of John Lennon’s Imagine, called “Imagine, there’s no Facebook” has just reached 1000 views on YouTube, the second of my videos to do so. Axel F cover is looking forward to be the third.

  • Pink Floyd are now streaming their fantastic 1994 Pulse concert on YouTube. Don’t miss, if you’re a fan. www.youtube.com/watch

  • My daughter made this minion out of a toilet paper roll by looking at her minion stuffy. It’s painted all around and on the inside. Really crafty.

  • I’m making real progress with studying Dream Theater’s Erotomania on 🎸. It’s crazy hard in some parts. I first started it maybe 20 years ago but I’m back at it now that my technique got better. How could Petrucci write these parts is beyond me. youtu.be/j0G5r-89G…

  • Bandcamp helps supporting musicians today

    If you’re buying music, especially from less mainstream artists, Bandcamp (a site that allows bands to host and sell their music), has a “promotion” today where it doesn’t collect fees and all proceeds go to the artists. While I have my own music published there and elsewhere, I don’t depend on music for my income. At least not yet.

    So head over to Bandcamp and find music there. The site is currently struggling under heavy load, so that’s a good sign.

  • It’s cool to see all the updates from Apple to the smaller devices. Now, what about the iMac and iMac Pro? These are the workhorses.

  • During setup of the 🎸 I brought the bridge lower, the neck relief and action lower as advised too and oh my god, the strings are so low now. And it still works. Now I need to adjust my playing to the lower action.

  • Oh, this was quick and easy, now that I had the right tool. Not, setting it up.

  • Starting my attempt to replace the truss rod nut on my guitar. Wish me luck.

  • 🎵 I have the first music release as a solo artist. It’s a guitar-based cover of Axel F, the theme music from Beverly Hills Cop. All links to listen to it are here. I’ll also appreciate a follow on the music and social services, as more music is to come, including originals. 🎸

  • Here’s a short clip from the concert on Saturday, covering Beatle’s Birthday. @johnphilpin

  • Ozzy Osborn’s today’s release sounds like a retrospective Swan Song. Also, an objectively good and moving song and video: www.youtube.com/watch

  • Concert evening! It’s great to perform again.

  • Soundcheck spot before the concert on Saturday. 🎸

  • How to solve this stupid iCloud Drive syncing problem. It’s stuck in this state for days now. I already tried to restart the Mac itself. On the second Mac it’s stuck with both download and upload. Yay, Apple.

  • Got a mail that my Amazon package was delivered. But the dog didn’t bark, so that was strange. Went to see, and there’s no package. Went outside and saw a package by my neighbour’s door. It was the one for me. I picked it up and returned home. Am I a porch thief now?

  • I introduced my son to some “Weird” Al Yankovic songs lately. He’s been going over Al’s catalog and today played some songs in the living room. Now my 11yo daughter is on fire and plays the songs over a phone call to her classmate. “Canadian Idiot”, “Hamilton Polka” and more. 🎵

  • A fire breather in slo-motion.

  • I’ve got a new member of the 🎸 extended family.

  • With a 27” vertical monitor, the meaning of “above the fold” can stretch a long way.

  • The bunny’s in the backyard again.

  • With NSNorth also not planning another conference, I’m thinking what other events could be helpful to indie software developers. The first that come to mind are MicroConf and MacStock.

  • Release Notes conferences were top-class events for indie developers, and I’m sad that @joec and @DazeEnd are not planning another one but I understand it. I’m forever grateful to them for organizing these events; it’s a huge endeavour. And their podcast is still going strong.

  • Any mobile game whose in-app-purchase list contains various stashes/packs/handfuls etc of gems or coins is immediately on my “never” list. Despite how good it initially apparatus to be. What’s disappointing is that many of these come from big publishers, too.

  • Published my latest cover of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall Pt2” solo on YouTube as well. I also recorded it in 2016 and yes, I am happy with the progress. The dynamics and delivery in this one has improved, in my opinion. 🎵🎸

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