As I’m on my way back from a 12 day vacation, it seems that many people of my community are getting off Twitter (or limiting their participation) in favor of mastodon or A bit confused and I really don’t want to go mastodon because it’ll be yet one another inbox.

So this sushi place in Ottawa has something called “Deep fried ice cream”. We’re ordering one.

Listening to an audiobook checked out from the city library. Pretty neat. 📖

Got this 📚 from the library. Thanks, @pgor, for showing that such books exist

Recording drums in a studio

Last night I went to a studio to record a drummer for my and my friend’s upcoming song. It was the first such experience for me. Recording drums is quite a process but what an experience of being in a well-equipped studio, too. The song should be mixed and mastered before the end of the month. It’s exciting. We starting writing it almost two years ago. In the meantime, we started working on a new one. Hopefully, it won’t take that long.

IMG 9724

My son pulled his desktop mic today and it stopped working. I opened it, one wire got pulled from its printed circuit board. Got my soldering iron and fixed it. He was like “That’s the coolest thing I saw today”. 😊

Today we played Ticket to Ride for the first time. We played a Great Lakes map. Kids took first and second spots and we third and fourth. But what’s important, everyone loved the game. We also have the world map game in the box for next time.

I was watching the video of the free & open-source iPad synth and saw this guitar. The black and white frets, like in a piano, is a genius change, in my opinion. Never thought of that. But someone did. There’s another one like that in the background.