My main passion is writing music and playing guitars.

In the late 90ies I had a prog-rock band, Gray Eclipse. Songs from that time are on SoundCloud.

I play guitar in a local rock cover band, BlizzArt.
I write original music under my own name or do covers or mashups and post them on my YouTube channel and on music services (for larger projects), or on my Instagram, and here, for short clips. I also write and record with my former Gray Eclipse bandmate, under the name Six Thousand Miles.

If I’m not writing or mixing songs, then I practice my guitar skills.

My music can be streamed or purchased in the following locations:


The music is also available on other popular streaming services, just search for my name. “Follows” on streaming services are a good way to be notified of future releases.

Six Thousand Miles

I also recommend here music that I listen to or videos I watch. If you’re into listening or performing rock, jazz, fusion, prog-rock, prog-metal or funk, get in touch.