I’ve been following the App Camp for Girls project since it started not a long time ago. App Camp for Girls is a non-profit founded by my friend Jean MacDonald from Smile. Its mission is:

App Camp For Girls wants to address the gender imbalance among software developers by giving girls the chance to learn how to build apps, to be inspired by women instructors, and to get exposure to software development as a career.

They’re currently raising funds for the project, so consider donating to this fine endeavor. While it’s already reached its initial funding goal, they’re thinking about expanding the program to additional locations, so any contribution will help.

To inspire young people to learn application development they started App Stories, where they interview developers about their first steps in software development.

There are already several interesting interviews available from developers and designers, including an interview with yours truly. More interviews with seasoned developers are going to be published on the site later, so you might want to add it to your RSS feed.

Have I already asked you to donate? Just a reminder. :)