Five days after submitting Trickster, it got rejected for two supposedly macOS Human Interface Guidelines points, one of them being: “your app does not have any features with the menu icon”.

That’s funny (and sad) because Trickster is menubar-only app. It seems to me that they didn’t understand how to use Trickster; perhaps I need to provide them with a video walkthrough or something.

I don’t even want to talk about the 2nd reason because it’s strange too, probably because they couldn’t use Trickster in the first place. But why did it take 5 days “In Review”?

I replied with a screenshot for the second issue and some explanation about Trickster and offered a walkthrough.

iTunes Connect interface was a bit confusing because it had both a reply option and an Appeal options. I guessed that I had to reply and not to appeal, since appealing sounds like a longer process and probably for heavier reasons.

And, frankly, I’d rather pull Trickster out of the Mac App Store than fight the App Review team. I’ve already invested so much time and made Trickster worse (harder to use initially) to comply with Sandboxing restrictions of the Mac App Store and the sales are so low that I might just abandon the Mac App Store build. Maybe Sandboxing limitation is also why they didn’t even succeed to us eit. Trickster will not work without initial configuration because Sandboxing restricts everything. It prompts to do so but maybe the reviewers didn’t understand how to do this correctly. Oh, well.