I have to say that in my various, limited testing of llama-3 AI model vs ChatGPT 4 Plus, I often find llama-3 following instructions better and giving more precise results. Quite surprising. These two images are ChatGPT4 and llama-3-7B run locally, which actually gave a better result.

Result of ChatGPT4Result of llama-3-7b. Here is a poem about programming for iOS in Swift:&10;&10;`let codeFlow = "where logic meets art"&10;print("Creating an app from the heart")&10;var uiView: UIView = UIView()&10;uiView.backgroundColor = .systemBlue&10;print("Designing UI, making it new")&10;func handleTap(_ sender: UITapGestureRecognizer) {&10;    print("User tapped!")&10;}&10;print("Adding functionality, step by step")&10;swift.print("iOS dev's delight is in sight")`&10;&10;This poem contains valid Swift code, using the `let`, `var`, and `func` keywords to define a variable, an instance of a class (`UIView`), and a function. The code also uses string interpolation to print out a message.