• 🚀 Eter 2.0 is now on Product Hunt. If you’re part of the community, check out the launch: www.producthunt.com/posts/ete…

  • We launch Eter 2.0 (an online radio streaming app for Apple devices) on Product Hunt tomorrow. We’ll appreciate it if you follow the launch. You can get notified at www.producthunt.com/products/… Requires Product Hunt account. IYKYK.

  • I wonder what would happen if I posted some of my funny short music videos, like the one below, on LinkedIn. In order to lighten up people’s scrolling through same-sounding posts from self-proclaimed “thought leaders” www.youtube.com/shorts/7R…

  • Hell yeah!

  • I don’t know what the original source is but this is spot on.

  • Got some test stickers with our Starr Phish character. This one is a rocker, so my favorite. These and more designs are available on Red Bubble.

  • Today, in the App Store: “Our Top 10 Strategy Games”. All 10 are “pay to win” kind of games with game currency. That’s not what strategy games are supposed to be. They are supposed to be equal opportunity to all so that the best strategist wins. Shame.

  • WWDC day. It’s like Christmas for Apple Developers. But you may end up hating some of the “presents”.

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