UPS, last pm: your package will be delivered tomorrow.

This am: we incorrectly sorted your package. Delivery date unknown. 😤

Last pm: two app updates reviewed with the hour. One rejected. Resubmitted rejected app.

This am: still waiting for review. 🤷‍♂️

Now that I’m mostly done processing photos from our summer vacation, I can post some.
First, this cute munching fella in Parc Omega near Montebello, QB. We took lots of wildlife photos in this park.

Here we go. Pretty exciting. The cover band I’m in is going to have our first concert on October 20th.

The hardest part of getting back after a long vacation

The hardest part of getting back after a long vacation is sifting for days through all the photos, deciding if you like the JPEGs from the SLR or would prefer to edit their RAW files instead, then editing those, then tagging, then… more and more and then seeing them all just once because there’s no time to look at photos.

My new music video is up!
This time I cover ELP’s classic, "From the beginning", with an extended guitar solo. Full version on YouTube (link in the profile or

Exporting music from my band before 2001. Lucky I kept some of the software and it still can run. Yes, that’s Windows 7 on A MacBook Pro from 2010. I plan to see if I can remix and remaster some of it.