• Last night was my first time on a concert stage in 20 years, with our new band, BlizzArt. It was a special experience to perform great music with friends, seeing family and friends in the audience and people dancing before the stage. And unlike playing at home or at a rehearsal, I could feel we were playing for them, so that they enjoy the evening. Here’s to many future experience such as this.

  • It’s going to be an exciting day tomorrow. Concert day. I haven’t performed on stage with a band for about 20 years. Hopefully it all goes well and I do it more often from now on.

  • Fantastic performance today by the Queen Extravaganza. Fantastic singers and musicians. Lots of fun when you know and love all the songs.

  • Rehearsing today

  • Replaced strings and straightened the neck on my Suhr today, lowering the action on G and D too, and wow, now the .10 strings feel soft like 0.9.

  • Bought a stand for my amp. Should sound better instead of the sound going into the feet. Maybe I’ll tilt it even more. This will also help at the concert next week, to get sound to my ear on the stage.

  • ‪We watched “School of Rock” with the kids today. What a fun movie. I also think that kids got a little inspired. ‬

  • So I did get the new iPhone today, eventually.

  • I should receive the iPhone XS today which will be my first Portrait mode capable phone. Expect portraits of Sparky in your feed 🐶

  • My currently favorite music to play and improvise on: Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers by Jeff Beck (composed by Stevie Wonder). Favorite performance so far: this one with Tal Wilkenfeld on bass and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums.

  • Since I've been loving you intro cover

    One of my favourite blues songs, certainly among the minor blues. The intro is epic and a good use for my Les Paul. So here’s my take on it.



  • First day in Montreal began with a private tour. We started by driving through one of the most prestigious neighborhoods on the mountain, stopping at a lookout point there, then a visit to the magnificent St. Joseph Oratory, which also overlooks the city. More magnificent churches would follow later in the vacation.

  • The fun part of Parc Omega visit was feeding deer or caribou with carrots. Bring a lot. But there are other interesting wild animals in the park. It also has a farm area which has cute friendly goats.

  • The first hotel we stayed in was Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello. It has style, history and activities such as rentals of bikes, canoes and more. Time well-spent. It’s also close to Parc Omega, with the munching fella from yesterday.

  • Happy to get reviews for Trickster like that.

  • On the bright side: kids are back to school!

  • UPS, last pm: your package will be delivered tomorrow.

    This am: we incorrectly sorted your package. Delivery date unknown. 😤

    Last pm: two app updates reviewed with the hour. One rejected. Resubmitted rejected app.

    This am: still waiting for review. 🤷‍♂️

  • Here we go. Pretty exciting. The cover band I’m in is going to have our first concert on October 20th.

  • The hardest part of getting back after a long vacation

    The hardest part of getting back after a long vacation is sifting for days through all the photos, deciding if you like the JPEGs from the SLR or would prefer to edit their RAW files instead, then editing those, then tagging, then… more and more and then seeing them all just once because there’s no time to look at photos.

  • This week, I finished my cover of Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s “From the beginning”, with an extended guitar solo. It turned out to be pretty good, too.


  • Last week I recorded a parody cover song, based on John Lennon’s “Imagine”, with modified lyrics about technology and social media.

    Check it out and don’t forget to do what the lyrics say in the end. 😉


  • My new music video is up! This time I cover ELP’s classic, “From the beginning”, with an extended guitar solo. Full version on YouTube

  • Exporting music from my band before 2001. Lucky I kept some of the software and it still can run. Yes, that’s Windows 7 on A MacBook Pro from 2010. I plan to see if I can remix and remaster some of it.

  • Randy Bachman (of Guess Who and BTO fame) in an interview: “If you know how many guitars you have in your collection, you don’t have enough”.

    I know how many guitars I have.

  • Back home from an amazing performance by @marbinmusic. So much talent on stage. Lots of fun, too. Don’t miss them when they’re in your city. I’m a life-long fan now.

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