• Used this Taylor on my folky song “Coy McCoy’s Devious Ploy”: song.link/i/1625535…

  • New🎵– a collab with another artist. It’s a chill-rock cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”. It’s not true to the original – we experimented with sound and arrangement. I play electric solo guitar, bass, “drums”, some back vocals. She did the rest. Listen at song.link/i/1675138…

  • I call this short piece Ebb and Flow and it’s obviously inspired by Classical music.

  • I wonder what would happen if I posted some of my funny short music videos, like the one below, on LinkedIn. In order to lighten up people’s scrolling through same-sounding posts from self-proclaimed “thought leaders” www.youtube.com/shorts/7R…

  • 🎵 Chorus and 🎸solo play-through for my latest song, The Perfect Band. Hear the whole song at: distrokid.com/hyperfoll…

  • 🎵 🎸 🐕 A short song from your pet - “A Proud Chow Chow”

  • Unexpectedly, I came up with some nice jazz lines yesterday. 🎵🎸

  • 🎵 I released a new rock song yesterday. You might hear some Van Halen 🎸 influences in it. 80ies-rock sound. Welcome “The Perfect Band” to the world. Very proud of it.

    Listen in your favourite place from here: distrokid.com/hyperfoll…

  • 🎵A new musical idea I had late last night. Feels kind of like classical piano étude to me but on a 🎸.

  • I usually forget to record myself when I’m actually recording 🎸 parts for a song. In the case, at least, I did record. In part, in order not to forget how to play. Occasionally I share work-in-progress with followers, like here.🎵

  • When I come up with musical ideas, I would often make quick recordings of them, before I forget the sound or the fingering. I can come to them later again to continue working on them, if they prove promising on a later day. This is one such recording. 🎵

  • The Perfect Band

    My new single, “The Perfect Band”, is getting ready to be released on Spotify and other services on Nov 4th. It’s a proper 80ies-influenced rocker.

    This song started from a simple idea of “The band that never met.” The writing of the first version of the lyrics and the music took only two days at the beginning of February 2022, but the recording process and, especially, the mixing took a long, long time.

    Personally, I’m very proud of this song, it’s the kind of song that would be fun to perform live, and the sound of the mix reflects this a bit.

    If you use Spotify, please spare a moment to pre-save it at https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/jacobgorban/the-perfect-band-2 so that it’s in your library when it gets released.

    I’ll have more updates about it soon.

  • 🎵What a nice surprise! The pre-released songs were fantastic. But it’s too late to listen to the album now. 🥺Tomorrow’s gonna have a tasty soundtrack. Snarky Puppy becomes one of my favorite music. I also can’t get over how they produce it all and their musicianship is 🤯

  • The video for my new song (acoustic singer-songwriter/folk) will premiere on YouTube soon at www.youtube.com/watch

  • Tonight I was recording vocals for a song that I started about a year and a half ago. I couldn’t sing it well then but believed that the song was worth better singing. Took an online course. Not finished but got much better. Tonight’s result is pretty good. Kid-approved, too 🎵

  • 🎵 You can now add yourself to the “Musicians on Micro.blog” list with an embedded form at https://musicians.on-micro.blog/#getlisted.

    If you need to add a skill that’s not listed, DM me with the missing skill and I’ll add it.

  • Bought a CD/DVD player, in part so that I could listen to the remixed version of Unfolded Like Staircase by Discipline. It’s one of my all-time favourite albums. Signed by the band as well as mixing and recording engineers, as part of the kickstarter campaign. Got it today.

  • I wrote a part for a new track. It’s quite unusual, I think. It’s planned to be an interlude or a part of it.

  • I heard Facebook was having connectivity problems today. Here’s a parody cover song I recorded a while ago, called “Imagine… there’s no Facebook”. youtu.be/WhoVyW3nM…

  • 🎵Recorded a cover of the 🎸 solo for Ghosts, by the Canadian band Big Wreck. Had to learn all the parts, including bass and drums because there were no good backing tracks. The kind of song that I liked from the first listen on the radio. youtu.be/QhcVi13gY…

  • It just came out and I’m sure it’s a great video: What Makes This Song Great? Bohemian Rhapsody. www.youtube.com/watch

  • 🎵 I’ve recorded a rock cover of a famous soviet-era cartoon theme, Nu Pogodi, followed by some 🎸 shredding. Also, it’s my 🥁 debut. I’ve got Roland eDrums for the New Year and been self-learning drumming since. It’s fun. www.youtube.com/watch

  • People still live rock! #Eurovision

  • I’ve come a long way music-wise since this video but the lyrics on Swift language in this Karma Police parody cover are still valid: www.youtube.com/watch

  • Here's a short story on how one teacher can change the future of several kids

    In the 8th grade, our school had experimental music lessons. We listened to songs and then analyzed their lyrics and music, how they connect. It was not a lesson for musicians, so no musical theory or anything. We started with a couple of Beatles songs and then switched to The Wall album by Pink Floyd.

    I never heard Pink Floyd before, or at least it never registered, so the whole sound was new to me, as well as the idea of a conceptual album or a rock opera. We would listen to one track each lesson in order and analyze it. We only had a short time to do that so, we probably only went five tracks into the album. In the last two lessons, we watched the movie The Wall. This experience greatly affected me and consolidated my love for Pink Floyd’s music, which started with these lessons. I then listened to the rest of Pink Floyd’s catalogue and other artists in the progressive and psychedelic rock genres. I also influenced my close friends with this music, and we all went through this musical journey together through high school and later.

    A couple of years later, my dad bought me my first guitar. David Gilmour’s guitar playing in Pink Floyd had an immense influence on my initial style and development as a musician. It was an influence when we wrote songs in the band with some of these friends, and to this day, when I release my music, people would often hear Pink Floyd’s influence in it.

    Today is David Gilmour’s 75th birthday. His influence on the world of guitar is immense. He may not be considered a technical player, yet guitarists learn his techniques. Most importantly, his playing is very emotional – it’s full of soul. Gilmour’s sound is legendary, and generations of guitarists have been trying to get close to it. May you stay healthy and continue to inspire us.

    And thanks to the young 8th-grade music teacher. She changed my life and the life of some of my close friends without knowing it.

    David Gilmour performing in 2015 (Wikipedia)

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