• 🎵🚨Gonna have the premiere of my new song release (that I started writing in late 2020) in 5 mins at www.youtube.com/watch It’s a kind of a singer-songwriter rock.

  • I bought two Kansas vinyl records yesterday, though I don’t know them well. Is an opportunity to get better acquainted. Also, what beautiful sleeve in this one. The other one is their first album.

    If you buy physical media, do you usually buy albums you already know or new stuff to discover?

  • 🎵 Did you know I write a newsletter related to my musical journey? I just posted some “behind the scenes” for an upcoming songs that’s been (too) long in the making. music.gorban.org/posts/spa…

  • I went to a mastering studio yesterday, for finalizing my next song release. This was a fun and educational experience. 🎵

  • This 🎸 solo, played by Larry Carlton for Steely Dan, is such a melodic marvel and a lot of fun to play. 🎵 Kid Charlemagne.

  • So happy about the new music from David Gilmour, one of my main influences on guitar. The first single’s video is just out, and it’s a better song than I was expecting, given his previous output lately. Good energy. www.youtube.com/watch

  • I came up with this funky part Tuesday evening. It’s really fun to solo over when looped. Could be a basis for a full composition, I think. 🎵🎸

  • I’ve recently connected with a local singer and recorded his vocals for a song that has been waiting for better vocals for a couple of years 🤦🏻‍♂️. I’ve been trying to sing it myself but my vocals are not good enough. It’s a lesson I learned with my last song. Now I’m in the mixing stage.

  • Yesterday, while driving, I heard two songs on the PRM online radio that I liked. With the new history feature in Eter, I later added these albums to my Apple Music library. That’s exactly the use-case that I envisioned this feature for.

    A list of songs in Eter.The new my added album cover art in Apple Music

  • 🚀 Eter 2.0 is now on Product Hunt. If you’re part of the community, check out the launch: www.producthunt.com/posts/ete…

  • We launch Eter 2.0 (an online radio streaming app for Apple devices) on Product Hunt tomorrow. We’ll appreciate it if you follow the launch. You can get notified at www.producthunt.com/products/… Requires Product Hunt account. IYKYK.

  • This Valentine’s Day, show your love to your musical instrument 🎷 🎸 🥁, by playing them this song: You Make Me Smile: open.spotify.com/playlist/…

  • 🎵🚨 Just another reminder that last week I’ve released a new rock song of which I’m very proud.

    Take a listen and use the opportunity to follow my account, too, where you listen. Spread the word, too. Thank you.


  • 🎶 When listening to music. Do you listen to:

    1. Songs you select one by one
    2. Albums
    3. Personal playlists
    4. Curated or someone else’s playlists
    5. Radio (online)
    6. Radio (like in a car)
  • On Jan 19, I’m releasing my new song, “You Make Me Smile”. This is a sneak peak: guitar solo playthrough. It’s a light, positive song, with some unexpected ending. If you want early access to the song and stay up to date with my music activities, join my newsletter at music.gorban.org.

  • My daughter (looking sideways at me with some sly worry in her eyes ): Do you know what’s the limit of own tabs in Safari on iOS?

    Me: No

    D: 500 (continues looking at me with the suppressed nervous smile)

    Me: 🙄

    I don’t know how she manages to manage this. But then again, her room is a mess, too.

  • Used this Taylor on my folky song “Coy McCoy’s Devious Ploy”: song.link/i/1625535…

  • New🎵– a collab with another artist. It’s a chill-rock cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”. It’s not true to the original – we experimented with sound and arrangement. I play electric solo guitar, bass, “drums”, some back vocals. She did the rest. Listen at song.link/i/1675138…

  • I call this short piece Ebb and Flow and it’s obviously inspired by Classical music.

  • I wonder what would happen if I posted some of my funny short music videos, like the one below, on LinkedIn. In order to lighten up people’s scrolling through same-sounding posts from self-proclaimed “thought leaders” www.youtube.com/shorts/7R…

  • 🎵 Chorus and 🎸solo play-through for my latest song, The Perfect Band. Hear the whole song at: distrokid.com/hyperfoll…

  • 🎵 🎸 🐕 A short song from your pet - “A Proud Chow Chow”

  • Unexpectedly, I came up with some nice jazz lines yesterday. 🎵🎸

  • 🎵 I released a new rock song yesterday. You might hear some Van Halen 🎸 influences in it. 80ies-rock sound. Welcome “The Perfect Band” to the world. Very proud of it.

    Listen in your favourite place from here: distrokid.com/hyperfoll…

  • 🎵A new musical idea I had late last night. Feels kind of like classical piano étude to me but on a 🎸.

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